Marble Shapes

Rocco Marmi, for those in the sector, certainly doesn’t need any introduction.

Experience precedes its name, in a company history made of successes, innovation and modern technologies at the service of artisan care for details, elegance of design, careful choice of materials and relying above all on the precision of the technologies used.

Stones are the passion of the founders of this company from Terni, lovers of what is hidden within this material, so strong and yet so malleable.

For this reason, our staff continues to pursue aesthetic excellence and production quality aimed at design and innovation, without forgetting to always operate in full respect of the environment. That’s why the products are guaranteed in accordance with environmental laws and regulations, ensuring that every processing takes place in an environmentally sound manner by implementing environmental improvement programs.

We assist the customer from the choice of material to the architectural project, from rendering to executive design, from assembly to after-sales service.

Perfection as standard